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Jade Venus and Michael DelRay are two models who meet for the first time during a photoshoot for a clothing catalog. Jade’s excited for the shoot, since it’s not everyday that a trans woman can pose for day-to-day scenarios such as the ones they’re about to enact. Michael, however, has a bit of a jaded attitude, boasting about some of his more high-brow shoots and complaining that this particular one is just to pay the bills.

As the two of them pose through various setups, however, sparks ignite between them, along with some eye-opening conversations that show Michael a whole other side of the industry that he wasn’t particularly aware of before. Through Jade’s fun-loving attitude and beginner’s mindset, Michael starts to let go of his preconceived notions and let loose a little bit. He starts to change… and see Jade in a totally new light.

When the shoot’s over and it’s time to go home, Michael lingers for a moment. After everything that’s happened, he simply doesn’t want this experience to end. Well… luckily for him, neither does Jade. With the rest of the crew gone, they decide to have sensual, romantic sex, capping off Michael’s first trans attraction with something he’ll never forget.



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