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What was a tent doing on Scotty P’s grandfather’s land? Darn homeless are camping out again. Well that shit don’t fly in these parts. So Scotty P goes on up to the campers in the tent to tell them to get the hell out of there and to his shock he discovers a hot red headed trollop named Madison Morgan poking her head out. Seems she accidentally hiked out of the national forest nearby and set up camp here. But you can’t kick a girl out when it’s raining and especially when she’s offering to have you come inside and snuggle with her. Damn, Scotty better hope his wife don’t come checking on what’s taking so long because faster than you can say ‘white bitch crazy’ he’s got his love monster buried in her slurping dripping wet pie hole. Madison is hungry for cock and it’s obvious as she chows on his man thing. Rock hard and needing cunt he soon buries his pole in her ginger hole and it’s game on. Whoo-hoo this redhead is one nasty naughty little fucker as she is pounding as hard as he is. Soon he blasts all over her face.



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