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When Brookie Blair’s new dance partner – Frenchman Dorian Del Isla decides it’s time to call it a night – Brookie & her husband have other plans. Stay, they insist – just another half an hour! He agrees to stay for awhile and Brookie lays it on thick. But Dorian seems a tad hesitant, when he goes to use their bathroom – Brookie and her husband come up with another plan. Ambush Dorian with Brookie’s big, beautiful ass right when he leaves the bathroom! Dorian is shocked when he comes out of the bathroom, but after a little smoothing over- he agrees to fuck Brookie while her husband watches! Dorian looks like he’s been waiting for it when he finally spanks Brookie’s big butt. The next thing you know his fat cock is in her mouth. Dorian eats Brookie’s horny hotwife pussy while her husband watches her moan. He splits her tight hole with his thick dick, making her have multiple orgasms in front of her husband. Brookie hops on top of Dorian and he even chokes her a little as he fucks her hard. He turns her around for doggy and fucks a few more orgasms out of her while spanking her big ass. Dorian dumps his load all over Brookie’s pretty face and mouth and the married couple invite her dance partner back for another round!



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